This is my second attempt at this subject.  The first was all ready to submit for international competition in 2016 when I realized I had forgotten to polish off the cleaner I used on several of the keys - they were a mess!  The deadline was close and it was not a quick set-up.  The entire subject had to be wrapped in white, on a black background with the camera lens peeping through a hole.  So I pulled the image and waited for the next year.
The delay gave me the opportunity to add the element of the sheet music, which is a piece hand written, for me, by my maternal grandfather, Domenico Principe.  A pianist his entire life I credit him for my love of music, even if I'm not that good at producing it.
This image can be printed as a canvas wrap, typically without the digital frame, or as a photo print (gloss or metallic paper) or on metal.  

Awards for this Artwork:
  Professional Photographers of America International Print Competition 2017
  Merit Award

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