Light Painting by Mark Gluck
Questions and Answers About Light Painting
Can I get a light painting of my dog?
Light painting is best suited to subjects that stay absolutely still, for at least an hour.  So its not generally appropriate for living things.  Virtually anything else that has 3 dimensions and can be accessed from the sides and above can be light painted - cars, houses, motorcycles, musical instruments, aircraft all make great subjects.
What steps are involved?
A light painting is a four step process:
The first is a review of your project with Mark, either in person or over the phone.  He will review the desired use of the final artwork, discuss options for backgrounds for the subject (indoor, outdoor...) and any other special considerations you may have.
Next the location may have to be scouted to determine the best viewpoint and time of day/night for the shoot.
Third is the photo shoot.
Last is the artistic combination of the images into the final artwork.
How long does the photo shoot take?
A light painting shoot must capture every single edge and surface of the subject, usually several times, to have the raw materials needed to compose the final image.  For a still life table-top or in studio subject this might be as little as an hour.  For a car, boat or small airplane it may take several hours, while larger subjects such as large machinery, buildings and so on a shoot can take many hours with several crew to assist.
How much does a light painting cost?
Every light painting is different, with its own complexities and unique opportunities.  Simple in-studio images will cost $1,800 (CAD) and up, depending on the printed size.
The majority of photo shoots for larger subjects are done on location and customized to your requirements.  This can involve scouting and evaluation of locations, travel costs and possibly the need for extra crew for large subjects.  
Fees comprise any or all of: Location/review (travel costs and time, as applicable), photo session (starts at $1,000 and includes all digital editing) and the printed image.  Images are printed at a minimum of 20"x30" (50x75cm) on high quality metal, where the image is infused onto an aluminum substrate for a durable and vibrant finish.  Images start at $2 (Canadian) per square inch (including taxes), and can be printed up to 4'x8' (1.2x2.4m).  
When will I see the final picture?
Processing the light painting will take up to a week after the shoot, depending on the complexity of the subject.  
You will review the final print digitally for approval of the composition, crop, etc. prior to printing. 
Production and delivery of the final artwork is typically within 3 weeks of selection of the final size(s).  Larger sizes and special formatting may result in longer delivery times.
I know someone who would love one of these.  How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Personalized gift certificates can be purchased using the contact form .  Gift certificates can be for the session fee alone or for any amount over that, with the balance applied to the finished art.
My question isn't here.
Please contact Mark at 416-738-6242 or use the contact form for details on these or any other inquiries.
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