Light Painting by Mark Gluck
What is Light Painting?

Light painting is a unique and highly complex method of photography.  Special LED lights are used to carefully illuminate each visible surface to ensure it contributes to the final artwork.  Each surface is captured individually, resulting in the creation of potentially hundreds of exposures. The resulting images are blended one at a time into a single piece of art that displays depth and the richness of the subject in a way not possible through any other photography style or technique.

Save a memory of ANY unique treasure:

                       Limited Edition Automobile
                       Antique Aircraft
                       Your First Motorcycle
                       Musical Instruments
                       Commercial Machinery
                       Houses and Buildings

All of these have been light painted and their images hang in places of honour in homes and businesses.  Virtually anything that has three dimensions can be illustrated to its best advantage when painted by Mark.  A light painted image makes a stunning piece of art that will be appreciated for generations.  A beautiful Light Painting also provides a "back-up memory" should a unique item ever be lost to fire or theft.
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