Horseshoe Bend is a photographer's dream, and nightmare.  Given the right light from the setting sun the colors are dramatic, as seen here.  The nightmare is capturing the image from a tripod set inches from the edge of a 1,000 foot drop - and NO railings.  I watched people come up beside me, turn around and take selfies - I told myself "please, just don't step back"!
This image is best presented on high gloss metal.  Printing on metal is done with a Chromaluxe High Definition process that infuses the image dyes into the aluminum substrate for a beautiful and durable print.  Please note that while some clients have mounted prints on outside walls, these prints may fade over time with exposure to the sun and other elements.
All metal prints include a 3/4" metal standoff bracket that makes them appear to float just off the wall (see the client gallery below).

Awards for this Artwork:
  Dallas Professional Photographers - Landscape Division 1/2016
  First Place 
  Professional Photographers of America International Print Competition 2016
  Merit Award
Cruising the Bend, printed on metal:
  15" x 25"    $495
  18" x 30"    $595
  24" x 41"    $845
  29" x 50"    $1,195
Prices include crating and shipping within the continental United States.
For sizes up to 48" x 83" please contact us for a quote.

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