When is a pine tree an Irish Pine?  It must be when its in Ireland.  Scots pine trees are native to Ireland and have been there for thousands of years.  This one is not that old, but certainly well into triple digits.  Majestically back-lit by the late afternoon sun it was a scene that begged to be captured.  Sepia tones give it an old world feel, and especially at large sizes let's it complement any decor.
The image is available as a canvas wrap, either in one piece or as a large triptych (see the Gallery, below).
Irish Pine, printed on canvas:
  24" x 14"    $325
  40" x 24"    $495
  50" x 30"   $995

Triptych - 3 prints hung vertically to create an image 94" tall and 48" wide.
The pieces are 48" x 13", 48" x 26" and 48" x 52"        Total price     $1,995
All canvas wraps are 1 1/2" thick and the image wraps around the edge.
Prices include crating and shipping within the continental United States.

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